BI Module

  • The tool can be used for a wide range of data files – files or systems. We already have experience with company interfaces. Forwarding and distribution, we have existing interfaces with these companies. In this area, when our customers are wholesalers / importers, inventory management is extremely important. We already have built-in interfaces with a variety of shipping and distribution companies, which we already have interfaces with. It gives control and control over orders, deliveries and distribution. This is important because the system is safe to see


  • Integral BI module enables is an innovative tool that enables the presentation of reports and meanings that can ensure that the work process, data preparation and correctness, once the data is of the same system, there is an internal control of the system that checks the data species. The numbers are real. The system is already checked, the books are inside the system and there is internal control that has to be adjusted. The advantage – using the integral BI module and the data is real. If you make decisions based on data, the decisions will be wrong.

  • Require an economist / analyst to generate the insights