Inventory Management Module

Warehouse management, warehouse transfers, inventory tracking by item groups, inventory status report, inventory value reports, order recommendation report.
The Integral Inventory system is a complete and comprehensive system for managing up to a thousand warehouses. Integral inventory management is possible in 2 units of measure simultaneously for each item with a conversion formula between 2 units of measurement. For example: You can buy an item in packages of 1000 units, while issuing it will take out individual units. Inventory status can also be obtained at any time in the quantity of packaging as well as the balance of the individual units in the inventory.

** All system documents can be changed: adding or removing fields (in the document bar or in the document headers), managing formulas between fields, changing the defaults for each document, changing the view, and setting the type of font, size, font, and color. Integral software allows you to add documents for internal process management and build unlimited structures for each document type, each structure can be cut in the various reports. All accounting documents create automated audit reports that update the on-line audit system All Integral System reports allow print, screen display, file retention. Integral software enables you to generate dozens of pre-built reports or a built-in report generator to build reports.

Module includes